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Corporate Social Responsibility & CSR Meet Up -
identifying and developing solutions to meet the aims of business, government and the wider society

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... solutions for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) challenges ...

... delivering CSR that makes sense for shareholders ...

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environmental litter -
working with government, fmcg manufacturers and retailers & the wider community to tackle an escalating social problem worldwide

ButtsOut - click to find out more
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wider employee ownership -
delivering a responsible way of running a business in a changing world



conflict & disputes -
providing mediation to business & public services ...a responsible approach focused on the future and delivering outcomes and solutions






We advise on CSR initiatives.

We can help you in providing solutions - products and services - that add value and address your CSR challenges ... solutions that make business sense and common sense.


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Hammersmith & Fulham Showing the Way with ButtsOut. Watch the video on YouTube.
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