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Outdoor Cigarette Bins

… the right bin must be in the right location …

Selecting the right outdoor cigarette bin is crucial. Although they carry certain problems – forcing smokers together which can look ugly, creating clusters of people and litter around exactly the place an organisation is trying to keep clear and clean, catching fire and requiring somebody to regularly clean them up – outdoor cigarette bins are an integral part of the disposal infrastructure. Outdoor cigarette bins are:

The right bin is one that:
  • will attract smokers to use it
  • is easy to use
  • is functional (for example larger holes invite other litter and increase the risk of fire)
  • is the right size
  • is easy to clean and maintain
  • is contemporary and reflects modern (eg smart) technology
  • is cost-effective (eg quality and longevity issues)
  • meets the needs of the location (eg wall mounted or free-standing)
  • meets the needs and wishes of the business provider

The right location is one that:

  • ensures smokers will use it
  • fits within the surroundings
  • doesn’t impact presentation or security of the premises
  • doesn’t detract from the premises/frontage etc

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