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CSR solutions offers businesses the opportunity to re-focus their risks, controls and efforts together with the associated reporting and monitoring, towards a measurable, repeatable risk management model.

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How can CSR help you better identify your risks?

  • The approach

    The approach

    Whilst security is often expressed as the need to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability, for many businesses this results in a less focused approach to control.

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  • What’s redder than red?

    What’s redder than red?

    Quantitative risk assessment, when done well, will allow a business to assess the financial impact of a risk, both in terms of the costs of making changes to the security posture and the potential impacts of a security breach.

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  • Risk Appetite

    Risk Appetite

    When assessing risks and control effectiveness, how does a business then identify where the bar should be set? Is it the number of security events? Is it the impacts? Is it a combination?

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