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Identify and quantify cyber security risks

Cyber Security Risk Solutions specialise in helping businesses identify and quantify their cyber security risks, documenting and improving their controls and monitoring plus developing easy to understand reporting on threats, vulnerabilities and impacts.

Businesses have historically relied upon in-house technical experts to guide their defensive posture and incident responses, but as systems become more complex and legacy processes more difficult to change, the attack vectors and potential impacts have become more diverse.


By re-casting the security risk framework around the most pertinent aspects of NIST, COBIT, ISO and many other frameworks in the context of the enterprise and the way in which business is conducted, using a wholly quantitative approach which actually measures the effectiveness of the controls against the threats posed, a more coherent picture emerges of the risks to the business.

Being able to place a financial value on the impacts of a risk emerging and crystallising enables a business to prioritise its technical and procedural development spending to better meet the threat, moving away from the traditional methods of building higher and stronger fortifications.

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  • The approach

    Whilst security is often expressed as the need to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability, for many businesses this results in a less focused approach to control.

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  • What’s redder than red?

    Quantitative risk assessment, when done well, will allow a business to assess the financial impact of a risk, both in terms of the costs of making changes to the security posture and the potential impacts of a security breach.

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  • Risk Appetite

    When assessing risks and control effectiveness, how does a business then identify where the bar should be set? Is it the number of security events? Is it the impacts? Is it a combination?

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